Polo for Christchurch Schools

Situated 30 minutes north of Christchurch; Waireka Polo offers students and adults the chance to enjoy the sport of polo. With range of hoses available, players of all ages and skill levels can have a go.

Competitions are part of the fun and there are players as young as 10 competing in the regular competitions. Already there are young players starting to standout and compete in club level tournaments and represent the South Island and New Zealand.

We offer coaching from HPA Qualified Instructor, Charlie Wood. Lessons, stick & ball, chukkas and tournaments from November to the end of March are available and horse hire is included. Book your lesson by contacting Charlie on +64275059007 or send an email on our enquiry page.

Polo Associations

The two New Zealand Polo Associations support clubs and run polo tournaments. They are connected to each and have relationships with international polo associations.

1. Polo NZ is the main body 

2. SUPA is the school / university polo association of New Zealand. It is only for children and young people. SUPA kids are only for school kids


Polo Clubs

There are six Polo Clubs in the South Island. There are interclub tournaments. The cost of being part of a club is more expensive than Waireka Polo and may not suit everyone.

Club Links

Blue Springs Facebook Page


Polo Tournaments

Tournament season runs from November to March each year. Over 100 children take part in the tournaments. Girls and boys are mixed and grades are based on ability, not age. A North Island team visits occasionally and for those who train hard and love to compete there is New Zealand Polo team, which is selected each year.

An annual tournament is held at Hagley Park and is a fun family picnic day.

Play Polo with us this season

Want to have a go?  Students pay a rental fee and tuition fee, which is kept low to allow as many as possible to participate.